Triops cancriformis

At least nine different Triops species are distributed all over the world, the oldest recorded and most famous of all being the European species Triops cancriformis.
T cancriformis has not changed for more than 220 million years! Compare that to the last dinosaur which died out a relatively recent 60 million years ago, and you know you are looking at one ancient life form!
 Triops cancriformis are not the same as the commonly sold Triops longicaudatus, a species which needs heated aquaria for raising. T cancriformis is happy in water that you’d keep your goldfish in 20 Celsius compared to 28 c for T Longicausdatus *No heaters required*.
T cancriformis also happens to be the largest Triops species in the world with some individuals measuring in at a colossal 4.5 inches (11 cm) in length. To give a comparison, this giant out grows the common T longicaudatis by nearly double its size!
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