Microfauna Mix Daphnia/monia/rotifers

Now you can have your own microscopic pond life! Packet contains diapause eggs of Daphnia, monia. rotifers, cyclops, seed shrimp. contains NO fairyshrimp, or Triops eggs.

Although these critter are nearly microscopic they can easily be viewed with a magnifying glass, great for school projects, can also be used as a food source for fry fish or as detritus for trops and fairyshrimps!

These certainly are a unique addition to your instant pet collection!

What you Get - 1 Bag of egg mix enough for a 10 or 20 gallon tank.

As this is an egg mixture I cannot guarantee how many of each will hatch but typically you get 10 or more of each species.

1 Packet eggs mix

Basic set up instructions.
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Price: $11.00